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air conditioning installation Tulsa

What to Know Before Scheduling Air Conditioning Installation in Tulsa

Are you looking for air conditioning installation in Tulsa?  You don’t have to spend another Tulsa summer sweltering because your home’s outdated a/c system can’t handle the heat. Today’s energy efficient units have more power and cost less to operate. Dowd Heating & Air has been an HVAC specialist in the Greater Tulsa area for two decades.

Central air condition installation is one of more expensive upgrades in a home. You’ll want to be sure a reputable HVAC contractor is doing the work. Feel free to check our references. Our experienced technicians are completely insured and licensed.

Customers deserve a free walkthrough so an accurate quote can be made. Some of the extra costs for air conditioning installation may include rewiring and additional breakers in the electrical panel. The walkthrough also determines the load calculation for your home.

SEER is the seasonal energy efficiency rating of each unit you’re considering. A 10-SEER air conditioner gets 10 units of cooling for a set amount of electricity. An air conditioner with 14 Seer gets 40 percent more cooling using the same amount of energy. Dowd Heating and Air will send a professional technician to evaluate your home and determine the unit that’s needed. You’ll be cautioned against having a unit that is too large installed. The result would be additional expense for less comfort.

Things that influence the recommended size include:

. Wall and attic insulation


.Size and shape of home

.Orientation of your home to the sun

.Placement and types of doors and windows

The efficiency of today’s air conditioning systems keeps families cooler and power bills lower. Experience the quiet operation of quality air conditioning installation in Tulsa. Call us today for an appointment or quote on a new unit for your home at 918-437-3721.


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