Air Conditioning Services Tulsa

Air Conditioning Services Tulsa

What Professional Air Conditioning Services Tulsa Include

Air Conditioning Services TulsaHiring our professional, air conditioning services in Tulsa regularly is the only way to ensure that your house will be comfortably cool during hot weather. Without proper maintenance and care, your AC unit will malfunction and be unable to carry cool air throughout your home. What do our company’s services include for your AC system?


Maintenance includes our professional checking the coolant level and for leaks, ensuring the thermostat operates correctly, and making sure the filter does not need cleaning or replacing. Our professional also will check the area around the condenser, as it should not be overgrown by grass, weeds, and other plants. If the coolant level is low, our professional will fill to the recommended level.


Repairs could be as simple as a new thermostat or as major as the need for a whole, new system. We will inspect your entire system first to locate the issue when the system is not performing correctly. If the system only needs a minor repair, the technicians typically can perform the repair immediately. When you need a new part or system, we will need to order what is necessary before our professionals can complete the repairs.

Installation During Construction

We also provide installation of AC systems in new constructions. Our pros place all the parts in the appropriate positions to ensure that the homeowner will have access to cool air upon occupying the house.

All our work comes with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction with all parts and labor. If you live in Tulsa or the surrounding areas, please call Dowd Heating & Air today at 918-437-3721 to receive quality air conditioning services Tulsa. Our company provides not only residential service as we mention above, but also commercial service. In addition, do not forget we also service, repair and install heating systems.


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